The tier "Slipstream" is used to denote items obtained from Rebirth that are not Reborn-Proof but offer unique advantages for use. This tier was added in The Ultimate Update (03/08/2017) as an assist tool in reaching The Ultimate Sacrifice.

When rebirthing, players have a chance of obtaining a Slipstream. The chances scale across different areas of lives. From Life 2 to 500, the chances are greater the higher life you are. From Life 500 to 1000, you have a 1/2 chance of obtaining a Slipstream. From Life 1000 onwards, you have a 1/5 chance to obtain a Slipstream item.

The area of progress in which players are eligible to obtain a Slipstream has widened as upgrades progressed. Initially, players start obtaining Slipstreams at Life 100 to 1000, but the Slipstream Mini-Patch (03/11/2017) extended the area downwards to Life 2. For over a year, it would remain that way until The Gargantuan Update (06/11/2018), which changes Slipstreams so that players at any life can obtain them.

Table of Slipstream Items

Item Name Effects Date Added
The Great Parasite Processes ore based on how much ore the server is processing at the moment. Randomly increases or decreases its multiplier. The Ultimate Update (03/08/2017)
Remote Octagnium Mine An eight-spouted dropper which produces ore worth $10T to $80T depending on spout.
Incendium Mine Produces fireproof ores worth $400B to $4.5T. Doesn't work with cells.
Utopian Refiner Multiplies ore value by x10.
Dystopian Refiner Multiplies ore value depending on ores' effects. This does add $100 to lower-valued ores before applying its multiplier.
Nature's Enchantment Simple furnace which processes ore at x150 its value. Slipstream Mini-Patch (03/11/2017)
Burst Refiner Usually this upgrades ore by x1.1, but every 11th ore gets upgraded by a whopping x55.
Ore Supernova Multiplies all present ore on base by x5, then adds $1k to value. This takes the place of the Ore Pulsar when placed.
The Grand Prism Multiplies ore value by x100. This is rarer than the other slipstreams. The Second Sacrifice Update Summer Update 2017 Part II


Here's an explanation of the process of distributing slipstream items among users (NOTE: Since Slipstreams have been expanded to include all lives, the explanations may not be accurate):
Note that the code demonstarted and explained below is somewhat out of date as Berezaa changed the Slipstream reuiqrement from life 100 to 2. It is still helpful to explain has the higher life number you are the higher chance you have of obtaining a slipstream item.

Slipstream RNG

Slipstream RNG (Random Number Generation)

In a nutshell what the code does above is that when you reach life 2 you have a 10% chance of obtaining a slipstream item and every life you go through, until life 1000. The chance of obtaining a slipstream item increases by 0.1% every rebirth.

  1. Slipsptream equals false before determining whether or not the user receives a slipstream item, if they do slipstream will be set to true
  2. This line checks if the user's life is less than or equal to 2 AND less than 1000, if that's not the case the user has a 0% chance of receiving a slipstream item
  3. It looks likes this line chooses either the number 1 or 1000 BUT it's actually choosing a number between 1 and 1000
  4. This line subtracts your life number from the number 1000 and sees if its less than the number generated. This means the higher your life (between 2 and 999), the higher chance you have of receiving a slipstream item.
  • If you're life 2, 2 subtracted from 1000 is MORE THAN most numbers between 1 and 1000 meaning you will have a VERY SMALL chance of receiving a slipstream item
  • If you're life 999, 1000 - 999 = 1 which is less than most numbers between 1 and 1000

If the random number between 1 and 1000 generated is more than your life number subtracted from 1000, you will receive a slipstream item.


  • Searching "10" in the inventory tab will have the slipstream that you have in that current life, and the 100M Upgrader.
  • Slipstreams can be sold for $690qd.