The Innovator is an NPC introduced in The Ultimate Update for the ROBLOX Innovation Tycoon event. The Innovator was found on the top of a longer mountain that players would need to use the ladder for. He refreshes his supply of items much faster than other merchants as players need them to complete quests (as explained below). The Innovator sells the following items:

Item SellValue
Unreal Box Bundle 75 R$
Steel Refinery $1300 - $1400
Hyper Mine $2.5k - $4k
Assembly Unit $200 - $800

The Innovator selled items designed for two quests:

Quality Steel Quest

It requires a Basic Iron Mine and a Steel Refinery and you have to place the iron mine before the Steel Refinery and click the button on the side of the Steel Refinery to produce steel until you have 50 steel (a counter will appear as you are collecting steel for the quest). Once you have 50 steel you have finished the Innovator's quest.

Hyper Quest

This quest requires a Hyper Mine (buy several of these to make the quest finish faster), an Assembly Unit, and one upgrader (Assembly Unit only accepts upgraded hyper ores). Place the hyper mines, an upgrader, and then an assembly unit so that the ores can go inside the box. Wait until the Assembly Unit has collected 150 upgraded hyper ores (you will know when the orb glows white and a sound effect is made). Once complete click the white orb and you will receive $3M and the Hyper badge.

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