The Innovator is an NPC merchant introduced in The Ultimate Update for the ROBLOX Innovation Tycoon event, and the Black Panther Event. He was found in the middle the map (Top of the hill for The Ultimate Update map, and Haven City's Power Generator for the Resurrection map) and also on Private Islands.

During the Innovation Tycoon event, the Innovator carried the Quality Steel and the Hyper quests, a 4-item inventory like the Masked Man (in which he took over the role of Merchant for the event), the Headless Santa, JAKUFHDOR, and the Headless Horseman. Compared to the other four merchants, the Innovator sells his stock for a much cheaper price and restocks it more often.

During the Innovation Event: Sponsored by Black Panther, the Innovator carried the Electric and Elemental quests. He only carried one item, his Research Center, which can be obtained for free.


The Innovator sells items mostly solely for completion of his quests. The only item that he sells that is not applicable to any quest is the Unreal Box Bundle, mostly because it is paid for with robux.

Item Event Related Quest Cost
Steel Refinery Innovation Tycoon Event Quality Steel $1.3k - $1.4k
Hyper Mine Innovation Tycoon Event Hyper $2.5k - $4k
Assembly Unit Innovation Tycoon Event Hyper $200 - $800
Unreal Box Bundle Innovation Tycoon Event N/A R$75
Innovator's Research Center Innovation Event: Sponsored by Black Panther Electric




2017 Quality Steel

This quest requires a Steel Refinery and any variant of Iron Mine (Hyper Mine is compatible with the item), as well as 50 Steel.

One iron ore is equivalent to one unit of steel, regardless of size or iron type. The player must send the iron ore into the Steel Refinery for it to be processed into steel. The player can salvage the steel by clicking on the green button next to the number counter on the item, once 50 steel has been collected the player needs to return back to the Innovator to claim their prize and complete the quest.

2017 Hyper

This quest requires a Hyper Mine, an upgrader, and an Assembly Unit. It is recommended that more Hyper Mines are purchased to speed up the process.

The Assembly Unit can only take in Hyper ores that have been upgraded. Placing the upgrader ensures that the ores have been upgraded and can be processed by the Unit. 150 upgraded Hyper ores are needed to charge up the Assembly Unit and some cash. One can tell that the Unit has been fully charged via a glowing orb and a sound effect. Clicking on the fully-charged orb rewards you with the processed money from the Hyper ores and completes the quest.

2018 Electric

The player needs to process upgraded ore in the Innovator's Research Center to build up a charge to restore Haven City's power generator. The more upgrades an ore has, the more charge it'll bring. You need a charge of 1000 to restore the generator. To complete the quest, you need to talk to the Innovator.

2018 Elemental

With the Innovator's Research Center, the player then has to scour the map for the three elemental mines, all hidden in different spots around the map. After doing so, their ores must be combined in the Research Center. To complete the quest, you need to talk to the Innovator.



The Innovator's inventory during the Innovation Tycoon event.


The Innovator's inventory during the Black Panther event. (BETA)


Badges for the upcoming 2018 Innovation event sponsored by Black Panther


  • The Innovator was originally planned to have a differently-textured beard and hat, but the texture files were moderated by ROBLOX.
  • The Innovator did not really depart from Miner's Haven. Instead, he retreated to a far away platform which could only be accessible by using a Mysterious Teleporter during Sunday 16:00 PST and Thursday 16:00 PST.
    • When you click on his interactive hitbox, he won't do anything.
  • On Private Islands during the 2018 Innovation Event, the three elemental mines along with The Innovator and Haven City's Power Generator are floating high above the actual map. To even get close to him it would require a Fake Crate and a Planet Mars Black Friday Artifact (which changes your island to the low-gravity surface of Mars).