Clover-Tron 400

This is what the board displayed during the Golden Clover Event. This is not what the board displays as of the Summer 2017 update.

The Leprechaun is the 6th NPC merchant to appear on Miner's Haven (specifically during the Golden Clover Event). The Leprechaun sells clover themed items for St. Patrick's Day with the Clover-Tron 400. The machine, however, only accepts Golden Clovers which can be obtained from Clover Crates, Daily Gifts, and sometimes from Rebirth. He sold four items for a week, and then only sold Unreal Boxes and the Golden Clover Blaster so players would be able to receive something out of their clovers as the event was coming to a close. The Clover counter on the machine was the only place to check how many clovers you had. Oddly enough, as of the 2017 Summer Update, he can be found under the map.


This is the new updated board displayed after the Summer 2017 update. This board is located in the middle of the sky under the map.

He finally left in the Resurrection Update.
LeprechaunBoard closeup

Close-up of the new board from the 2017 summer update.

Items Sold

Item Name BuyValue
Lucky Flood Light (discontinued) 3 Golden Clovers
Clovium Mine (discontinued) 7 Golden Clovers
Lucky Clover Particle (discontinued) 20 Golden Clovers
Golden Clover Blaster

150 Golden Clovers

Unreal Box 10 Golden Clovers


  • In the 2017 Summer Update, the Clover-Tron 400 was renamed to the "go away 4000", in light to numerous pictures being shown of him being present when he's not supposed to be (along with it saying "you think your clever by posting pictures of me -- well your not so please stop").