A troll item is an item added into Miner's Haven for the sole purpose of fun or without any real purpose. Most of these items are sold by The Masked Man or obtained using codes.

Troll Item Effects Tier Item Type Date Released
Ore Collider Used to blast ores off the map (doesn't anymore). Unique Cannon Initial Release
THE UNDERTAKER Takes 99.5% of orevalue and donates it all to John Cena. Contraband Cell Furnace 08/03/2016
Heavenly Conveyor Transports ore at extreme speed. Collectible Conveyor 11/04/2016
Yuge Iron Mine Drops tiny ore worth $1k each. Common Dropper 11/20/2016
Yuge Furnace Processes ore at x10. Common Furnace 11/20/2016
Tiny Iron Mine Drops extra-large ore worth $100k each. Collectible Dropper 12/18/2016
Fool's Gold Mine Drops ore worth $100k each. Exotic Dropper 04/14/2017
Spinnerite Mine Drops fidget spinner-shaped ores worth $500 each. Premium Dropper 06/07/2017

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