Twitch items are items that are only awarded by Twitch codes or mystery boxes that are activated with Twitch Coins. Twitch coins are given out through codes released on Berezaa's Twitch Channel. The only Twitch item that could've been acquired without Twitch Coins is the Twitch-Powered Upgrader. Twitch items were announced by Berezaa on May 18th, 2016, and were an idea he came up with on the spot. Soon after Twitch Coins were added, some other twitch items were added but here's the list of all Twitch Items and short overviews:


Early Twitch Coin design.


Another early Twitch Coin design.

Twitch Icon

The Twitch Coin Icon used in Miner's Haven.

Item Name Effects Date Added Tier
Twitch-Powered Upgrader Increases orevalue by 60% 7/24/2015 Premium
Twitchite Mine Orevalue based on amount of Twitch Coins 5/27/2016 Exotic
Kappa Investor Starts processing ores at 0.5x then

doubles each time it processes an ore. Has a cap of 64x.

5/27/2016 Exotic
Twitch Wall Decoration 5/27/2016 Collectible
Twitch Scanner Adds $1k to ore then quintuples orevalue. 9/29/2016 Premium

Twitch Coins

Twitch Coins were first announced by Berezaa on May 18th, 2016, demoed in a Twitch stream on May 20th, 2016, and released the first two codes, which provided Twitch Coins, on stream. Twitch Coins, when used, give a chance of giving the 5 exclusive items listed above.

List of Twitch Coin Codes

Note: the order has been switched from newest to oldest - TheWikiaEditMachine

Code Award Release Date Active?
CUP=RIP x7 Twitch Coins ? No
cointabulous x4 Twitch Coins ? No
vowwwwwwww x6 Twitch Coins ??? No
vowwwww x6 Twitch Coins January 20th, 2017 No
memebigboy x10 Twitch Coins December 25th, 2016 No
limitedmemes 4x Twitch Coins November 4th, 2016 (BELIEVED) No
unlimitedmemes 4x Twitch Coins October 30th, 2016 No
justdewit 4x Twitch Coins October 22nd, 2016 No
heavenlogoffplease 4x Twitch Coins October 14th, 2016 No 3x Twitch Coin August 23rd, 2016 No
backinmyday 2x Twitch Coin August 23rd, 2016 No
teheemimimi1 2x Twitch Coins July 1st 2016 No
ohsnapwatup9 3x Twitch Coins ??? No
ORHMERHGURD 5x Twitch Coins June 7th, 2016 No
WelcomeToDaPool 2x Twitch Coins June 3rd, 2016 No
dabananaking 3x Twitch Coins June 3rd, 2016 No
ohsnapwatup 3x Twitch Coins June 3rd, 2016 No


2x Twitch Coins May 27th, 2016 No
dootdootdoot 4x Twitch Coins May 27th, 2016 No
twitchcoin 1x Twitch Coin May 27th, 2016 No
TWITCHCOINS!!! 4x Twitch Coins May 24th, 2016 No
WelcomeToDaSwamp 2x Twitch Coins May 22nd, 2016 No
twotwitchcoins 2x Twitch Coins May 22nd, 2016 No
lowkeybergames 3x Twitch Coins May 20th, 2016 No
PardnerLife 3x Twitch Coins May 20th, 2016 No
codepls 1x Twitch Coin May 20th, 2016 No
ilovemycoins 6x Twitch Coins ??? No
poodles 4x Twitch Coins April 3th,2018 No
ifYouSeeThisCodeEmailBerezaFor10KRobux 4x Twitch Coins April 23rd,2018 No
doodles 4x Twitch Coins April 23,2018 No
troodles 4x Twitch Coins ??? yes


  • The Twitch Wall was an Exotic-tier item when it first came out, but soon changed to a Collectible-tier.
  • The Twitch-Powered Upgrader was added well before Twitch Coins, via exclusive codes.


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