The Ultimate-Tier is a set of items obtainable only through accomplishing rigorous tasks. The items in this tier are some of the best items in the game, even surpassing the Reborn items. Currently, there are only 4 Ultimate-Tier items, being the Overlord Device, True Overlord Device, The Ultimate Sacrifice, and The Final Upgrader.

Ultimate item Effects How to Obtain Date Added
Overlord Device Upgrades ore by x10. Rebirth with money between $1DD (10^39) - $999DTG. 06/02/2016
True Overlord Device Upgrades ore by x100. Rebirth with $1tsTG (10^102). 08/07/2016
The Ultimate Sacrifice Upgrades ore based on chronological interaction (see Ultimate Sacrifice page). Perform The Ultimate Sacrifice, avaliable at Life 1000 and above. 03/08/2017
The Final Upgrader Upgrades ore by x1000. Only works once. Perform The Second Sacrifice, available at Life s-1000 and above. You must then reach Life S+10 to obtain this terminal item. 06/10/2017


  • All Ultimate-tier items are upgraders.

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