"Harnesses the power of subatomic megacollisions to process unupgraded ore at incredible rates."


The Cell Collider is a Mythic-tier cell furnace that was released on June 10th 2017 in the Second Sacrifice Update. The Cell Collider has been the first shop cell furnace to be released since 2015 (with the release of the Cell Particalizer) and takes its place as the most powerful shop cell furnace.

The Cell Collider is the only cell furnace with four sides of the furnace closed meaning many droppers are unable to drop ores directly into the furnace. Players in many cases would have to launch the ore with an Ore Cannon or Ore Collider and a wall behind the furnace.


  • Since this furnace trumps Blind Justice and Cell Particalizer, it's the third best cell furnace in the game next to The Great Parasite (assuming it's at its maximum multiplier) and Dreamer's Anguish (assuming you have $10de)
  • It is unique in that the actual furnace part in the middle is centered on one unit instead of covering 2x2 units.
  • All droppers that can reach over one unit can drop ores directly into this furnace. Examples include the Symmetrium Mine, Yunium Mine, and Precursor Mine.
  • The four parts centered on the furnace part slant downwards into the furnace, letting mines that normally couldn't reach over an extra unit drop directly into this furnace because their spouts are long enough, such as the Dragonglass Mine.