Not to be confused with the Ore Incinerator.

"A more advanced furnace that offers a huge bonus for ore dropped directly into it." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A powerful and compact furnace that only accepts ore directly from droppers. Upgrades ore x300 their original value. Doesn't affect ore that has been upgraded. Gives 2 Points per 200 ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Cell Incinerator is an Uncommon-tier cell furnace. It's the second cell furnace in the shop, and is quite useful for players who are starting out in the game.


  • The Cell Incinerator was the second cell furnace added to the game, the first being its namesake Cell Furnace. It is a direct upgrade from the Cell Furnace (Minus the 1-side restriction).
  • This item is sometimes mistaken for the Ore Incinerator.