"A two-sided cell furnace that grants massive upgrades to any ore dropped directly into it." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A two-sided cell furnace that allows droppers to be placed on oppisite sides. Ore is processed using quantum technology for 1,500x its original value. Doesn't affect upgraded ore. Gives 3 points per 170 ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Cell Processor is a Rare-tier cell furnace. It has a double sided acceptance so you could either place two mines across from each other or have one mine and an Ore Replicator. Like other cell furnaces, some mines do not work on the Cell Processor.


  • The Pirate's Loot Collector used to process ores at x1.5k their value as well, but then it was buffed to x9k orevalue. As of present, the Pirate's Loot Collector now processes ores by raising their values to the power of 1.1, multiplying their new values by 15,000, and finally adding $7.5M to the ores' values.
  • Opposite was misspelled as oppisite in the old description.
  • Despite what the old description says, this item actually gives 1 point per 57 ores, which is the same as Sacrificial Cell. This is still the case as of the Resurrection Update.
  • The Cell Processor is technically a Quantum-themed item due to its relation to its non-cell furnace counterpart.