"An advanced conveyor that moves ore to its center. Useful for fine-point upgraders."


The Centering Conveyor is a Super Rare-tier conveyor with a unique ability to move ore into the center of it, thus allowing easy usage with fine-point upgraders, such as the Freon-Blast Upgrader or the Clockwork. The conveyor moves ore that are centered at a regular speed of 100%, but moves ore at the sides at a much faster speed towards the center.

Another unseen, but useful way to use this item is as ore regulation. Placing several pieces of this item just before tight conveyors, like the Large Conveyor Ramp, can help space out the incoming ore.

Make sure to remember there are no longer any more walls along the sides of the conveyor. It would be best if berezaa updated the thumbnail of it.


  • A glitch could be performed with the Centering Conveyor, allowing users to place certain upgraders one block inside of it. This glitch was patched as of 4/15/2017.
  • In the Layout Update, berezaa lowered its walls so that conveyors adjacent to it can transition onto it.