"Dangerous and semi-legal chemicals are used to increase the value of any ore by 80%, however that ore needs to get to a furnace quick."


The Chemical Refiner is a Contraband-tier upgrader sold by the Masked Man. This item was not able to be sold by the Masked Man until the June 2nd Update where berezaa finally added the code to sell both this and the Alien Relic. The Chemical Refiner increases orevalue by 80%.


  • The Chemical Refiner is the fourth upgrader to have a different conveyor texture, the first being Santa's Sleigh, the second being the Suspended Lava Refiner, the third (when not active) being Industrial Ore Welder, and with the Hopeless Bog coming in 5th.
  • It was first sold on June 9th, 2016.
  • The Chemical Refiner can sometimes continue to upgrade ores seemingly indefinitely, but the ore destroying effect and the 25% chance of being unable to be upgraded again are difficult to keep under control.
  • The poisoned effect can only be removed by Tesla Resetter or Wild Spore once the ore is poisoned, not when the ore shows no signs of poison.
  • This is one of the 2 items that have invisible upgrader beams, the other one is the Hopeless Bog.