"The clockwork is a massive underground machine that's existed for thousands of years. Harness that power."


The Clockwork is a Reborn-tier upgrader that requires ores to hit a fine point for it to be upgraded by x5. This item was added on April 21st, 2016 and shown off in Berezaa's Dev stream the same day. As with many other limitless upgraders, this can't upgrade ores more than once without a Tesla Resetter.


A small Conveyor Ramp may be used to almost guarantee hitting Fine-Point upgraders such as this one. First, place a conveyor ramp facing the direction you are turning towards. Next, place a conveyor that faces the way of the Clockwork upgrader. Finally, place the Clockwork. Ore will most likely hit the upgrade beam. This is due to the fact that the conveyor ramp usually centers ore on a conveyor when the ore falls off of it. Alternatively, a Centering Conveyor may be used to line up the ores to the Clockwork upgrader.


  • The point that upgrades ores are quite similar to the Fine-Point Upgrader, Freon-Blast Upgrader & True Overlord Device. However, the beam on this upgrader is much thinner.
  • The Clockwork has the thinnest fine-point upgrade beam in the game.
  • Massive mines, except the Tiny Iron Mine, are great with Clockwork because the ores are larger than normal ores, making them more likely to hit the upgrader.
  • The Clockwork is featured in the background of the "Reborn" player badge.