For the Discord code, refer to the Discord Integration page.

Codes are given out by berezaa in Twitch streams or on Twitter. On a few occasions, other locations. They usually give Twitch Coins, Unobtainium Crystals (uC), and Mystery Boxes. A few codes even give exclusive items. Most codes eventually expire, and all of them can only be redeemed once. If a server is shut down before an auto-save, items retrieved from the codes are sometimes lost but the codes will still count as used.

NOTE: The MH Wikia does not have authority to fabricate codes. Only berezaa and a handful of other people are capable of doing so. We only specialize to share them.

A Few Rules/Notes:

  • Once codes expire, they will be removed from the table.
  • Only put the 'Code' and 'Contents'. Extra notes are unnecessary.
  • Feel free to comment on the Replacement to the Codes Comment Section forum post, to notify of new codes, and codes that've become invalid.
  • Make sure the code is spelled correctly, and remember that Codes are case sensitive.
  • Please do not spam the comments or ask/beg for more/fake codes.
Code Contents
open:artifacts Opens artifacts from the artifact gamepasses sold during Black Friday 2015.
2016artifacts Opens artifacts from the artifact gamepasses sold during Black Friday 2016.
restoredata Teleport to the Data Recovery place (only works on private servers)
ferocious 1 Flaming Ore Scanner
CUP=RIP 7 Twitch Coins
ilovemycoins 6 Twitch Coins
easturbunny 40 uC
cointabulous 4 Twitch Coins
EasterEgg 3 Unreal Boxes
PizzaPizza 4 Inferno Boxes
hitbox 2 Inferno Boxes
KaBOOOOM Rocket Launcher for one life
PEWPEWQQ 3 Inferno Boxes
💯 100 uC
woah 1 Red-Banded Box
partytime!! 3 Inferno Boxes
puremagic 1 Spectral Box
drinkfruit 4 Unreal Boxes
hitboxed 2 Inferno Boxes

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