"A state-of-the-art research center that produces tons of points. Requires ore worth at least $1000" (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"An extremely advanced research furnace that gets ton of RP from ore. Requires ore worth at least $1,000." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Complete Research Center is a Super Rare-tier item that was released on the Summer Update of 2017. It can triple the orevalue of any ore, but only gives the player 10 research points for every 30 ores processed that had an orevalue worth more than $1k.


  • This is the third most powerful Research Center styled furnace of RP Incentive, trumped by Fusion Reactor and Spooky Research Center which give more RP per ore, Spooky Research Center has the same multiplier and Fusion Reactor has a multiplier of x5. Considering all furnaces, The three research centers listed above would be trumped by Eternal Journey, Eternal Fracture, and Thingamajig in that order offering higher multipliers and more RP per ore.
  • This item used to just be called "Research Center", resulting in confusion between the item and the furnace variant. On the 08/23/2017 YouTube stream, Berezaa acknowledged this mistake and renamed the research center to the "Complete Research Center".
  • When orevalue is less than $1k, the furnace blinks red.

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