"Allows a wide conveyor to convert to a regular conveyor."


The Conveyor Converter is a Common-tier conveyor that converts conveyors that are 3 units wide like Teleporter Receivers & Wide Conveyors to a 2 unit wide conveyor.


  • Some players use Conveyor Converter to get ore to touch a Freon-Blast Upgrader's beam, however this is not the most effective way.
  • Other players find that this conveyor uses up too much space so they come up with alternatives that save base space, such as Tiny Conveyors.
  • The picture of the Conveyor Converter isn't what it actually looks like. The regular-sized conveyor in the front is supposed to be on the right side, not in the middle. This may be a picture from an earlier version of the item/game.
  • Although sometimes referred to as useless, or unneeded, this conveyor can fill the edge of the teleporter fully, eliminating any ore spillage from teleporters. However, ore may clog the conveyor if there is too ore much coming through the teleporter.

The Conveyor Converter as seen in-game

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