"A conveyor ramp allows you to raise ore from one conveyor belt and drop it onto another one. A very useful piece."


The Conveyor Ramp can either be used to place ores onto a Raised Mini Conveyor or to drop onto another conveyor. This technique is usually used when hitting fine-point upgraders, but has been outdated by the more-expensive Centering Conveyor.


  • When the Atomium Mine was first added, it had trouble going up Conveyor Ramps, clogging setups. This was later fixed.
  • This item is mostly used for ores to align themselves to fine-point upgraders, such as Clockwork, Freon-Blast Upgrader, or True Overlord Device.
  • This item can be used for the Yuge Iron Mine's ores to hit a Portable Flamethrower, as the Yuge Iron Mine's ores are extremely small and will go under the upgrade part.
  • Back when the game was first released, this item and the Raised Shielded Conveyor were used as conveyor walls, as the Conveyor Wall wasn't added back then.
  • In the picture, the ramp is much steeper than it really is.
  • Conveyor Ramps had been frequently used after Ore Illuminator for a setup using the least amount of items that would allow the ores to travel 5 seconds without being upgraded. In early 2018, the Conveyor Ramp's speed was b uffed to go from 100% conveyor speed to 200%, making Basic Conveyor more efficient for an Ore Illuminator setup than conveyor ramps, but conveyor ramps could still slow down ores with one place right after ore illuminator.