This item is no longer obtainable in Miner's Haven.

"An old item which has been removed from the shop." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A conveyor that allows ores to be at two directions. Useful for later selective upgraders." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Conveyor Splitter was a Legendary-tier conveyor that was designed so that ore would be split into two sections. Low life players would be lucky to receive this item in their Daily Gifts as selling would be enough to achieve Rebirth. Before the item was removed, it could also be used as an ore centerer, doing a better job than the Conveyor Converter. As of the Ultimate Update on 03/08/2017, the item's tier and description were updated.


  • This item was removed from the shop later in 2015, but the Reversible Conveyor acts as a replacement.
  • Alternatively, you could place two walled conveyors right next to each other so the middle wall is in the middle of the conveyor belt, also doing this save your space and your money.
  • Many believe this should be still on the game, as it had a lot of good uses such as centering ore, and using it to make dual channel systems, sorting 2 types of ores to each go to a different way.
    • However, recently added conveyors such as the Centering Conveyor and the Separation Conveyor can fulfill the role of centering and sorting ore, respectively, although the Separation Conveyor is restricted to ore size only.
  • This could also be considered a Collectible.