"This mine produces a burst of valuable copper every now and then." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"Copper ore is worth a lot these days. This dropper spurs out a burst of copper every 10 seconds." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Copper Mine is a Common-tier mine. It has the slowest drop rate in the game next to the massive mines.


  • In the Gun/GUI update, Berezaa lowered the tier of copper mine from Uncommon to Common.
  • Players might say that one ore drops every 3 seconds, but every 8 seconds, three ores drop at once into a stack.
  • This could be the worst dropper in the game, due to its drop rate being similar to that of massive mines and its horrid ore value.
  • Despite the description stating that it takes 10 seconds for the ore to drop, it is actually 8 seconds.

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