"A very shiny mine that produces very shiny crystals." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A sparkling and glowing crystal mine (we have no idea how it sparkles or how it glows.)" (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Crystal Mine is a Common-tier mine. It drops magenta-colored ore, which is partially transparent. The ore dropped does not sparkle or glow like the mine does.


  • 'Crystal' is not an actual ore, but a category. Other crystals are also in the game, such as Unobtainium.
  • The crystal mine used to produce crystals with a rounded/head SpecialMesh. It is unknown when it was changed.
    • In Miner's Haven 2, the Level 2 Meme Mine (the crystal mine) produces the rounded ores.
  • The Firecrystal Mine is a remake of this item.