"An evil ore purifier from the depths of the underworld, this ancient relic uses the energy of a thousand cursed souls to add $40,000 to the value of any ore that passes through, period."


The Cursed Ore Purifier is a Unique-tier upgrader. It is one of four of the only items in Miner's Haven that only add an amount of money to ores (without any multiplication), the others being the Fine-Point Upgrader, Portable Flamethrower and the Ore Purifier Machine. There are some other upgraders that add money and then multiply (such as Pumpkin Hero).

This is one of the three item trio that follow an underworld theme, the other two being the Sacrificial Altar and the Sacrificial Cell.


  • Though it only adds a small amount of money, many of these are used in end-game setups to help max out ore value faster.
  • In the Gun/GUI update, its tier was lowered from Legendary to Unique.
  • This is mainly used as the first upgrader in end-game setups.
  • This is one of 4 upgraders that only add value to the ore instead of multiplying it. The other three are the Fine-Point Upgrader, the Ore Purifier, and the Portable Flamethrower.