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Dark Illuminator is an upcoming Reborn Fusion for Miner's Haven. It was first seen in a development stream on April 21st, 2017. Berezaa hinted that this item would be released in May 2017 along with a major update.

Possible Effects

This is speculation and are educated guesses based on the effects of the fusion components:

  • it's possible that the ore would take five seconds to process and destroy other ores that come in (like Eternal Journey) to have a similar effect to Ore Illuminator where ores upgraded by it take five seconds and cannot be upgraded during those five seconds.
  • It's most likely that the Dark Illuminator will be remote powered like Dark Magic and have a higher multiplier than the Dark Magic and Ore Illuminator combined
    • Dark Magic processes ore by 12x when not activated and 45x when activated while Ore Illuminator multiplies orevalue by 5x.
    • In that case, for Dark Illuminator to be more powerful than the two combined, it would have to process ore by MORE THAN 60x when not activated and MORE THAN 225x when activated (assuming that the furnace is remotely powered), making it more powerful than other furnaces on its level.


Even though an image for the Dark Illuminator has not been uploaded to ROBLOX yet, the item has been shown off on Berezaa's Twitch.

This Reborn Fusion seems to have more influence from Dark Magic rather than Ore Illuminator. The item is different from Dark Magic as the walls on the furnace part have been replaced with green triangles and the crystals on the Dark Illuminator are green (to show influence from Ore Illuminator). It also has illuminati particles coming from the triangles, which you can barely see in the picture.

  • The word for Dark Illuminator's name are oxymorons (opposites). A literary technique is used in its name called an oxymoron which is when you use two words with opposite meanings to portray the idea of conflict (this should help you out when looking at poetry).
  • When Berezaa first saw this item, he was surprised as he thought he would never see a Reborn Fusion of Ore Illuminator.

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