"The power of the illuminati took a fearsome furnace and made it even more powerful. Remote click to activate."


The Dark Illuminator is a Reborn Fusion-tier furnace for Miner's Haven released on June 10th, 2017 along with Part 2 of the 2017 Summer Update.

This furnace is a mix between the Dark Magic and Ore Illuminator, and functions as a simple buffed version of the Dark Magic. Instead of the usual x12 and x45 while activated, it has a normal x40 multiplier and a x200 multiplier while activated. Ores processed while the furnace is not activated have their processed value shown in a grey colour; a sharp green shade is used for ores processed while the furnace is activated. The first remote click is delayed for 1 second until the Dark Illuminator activates. Every click adds 0.7 seconds to its activation timer. The furnace's size is also slightly smaller than its lesser counterpart, the Dark Magic, by 1 unit lengthwise.


This Reborn Fusion seems to have more influence from Dark Magic rather than Ore Illuminator. The item is different from Dark Magic as the walls on the furnace part have been replaced with green triangles and the crystals on the Dark Illuminator are green (to show influence from Ore Illuminator). It also has illuminati particles coming from the triangles, which you can barely see in the picture.


  • The Dark Illuminator is smaller than the Dark Magic.
  • The word for Dark Illuminator's name are oxymorons (opposites). A literary technique is used in its name called an oxymoron which is when you use two words with opposite meanings to portray the idea of conflict (this should help you out when looking at poetry).
  • When Berezaa first saw this item, he was surprised as he thought he would never see a Reborn Fusion of Ore Illuminator.
  • Due to a lack of ideas for Dark Illuminator's effects, berezaa went lazy and turned it into a buffed Dark Magic.
  • The 100 Million Visits Event change log it says that there was a boost for ores that also went through the Ore Illuminator, though testing shows no change in the multiplier for ores that went through both.
  • Berezaa has claimed he does not want to add in any more fusions. If this is the case, this item, along with the Symcorpium Mine, may be the last reborn fusion added into the game.
  • When placed down, it is activated for around 0.9 seconds.