"A scary furnace powered by crystals that seems to respond to certain radio waves. Claims ore at x45 when activated. Awards points based on state"


The Dark Magic is a Reborn-tier furnace. It is remotely activated but normally processes ores at 12x their value, making it the first button-activated furnace. When activated with the remote it processes ore at 45x its value and the crystals light up.

Many players are confused about how many research points Dark Magic awards and they say "Dark Magic gives research points based on its state," but it actually gives 15 research points at random moments when processing ore.


  • Dark Magic is the 2nd manually activated item that isn't a mine. The first was the Lightningbolt Refiner.
  • This furnace emits smoke, but it is more easily visible at night.
  • The Dark Magic was added on November 12th, 2015 and was the most powerful furnace during its release.
  • Berezaa claimed that Dark Magic was a life 20+ reborn item but it's actually a life 10+ reborn item.
  • This is one of the several known items that have their own unique sound effect when an ore is processed; other examples include the Sage Redeemer, The Fracture, Thingamajig, and Excalibur.
  • Like the Lightningbolt Refiner and the Industrial Ore Welder, seconds stack allowing for this to be active for minutes with consecutive clicks.
  • This item, like the Lightningbolt Refiner and the Industrial Ore Welder, has a small delay between the click and the activation.
  • The Dark Magic is one of three manual reborn items; the other two being the Lightningbolt Refiner and Dragonglass Mine.
  • The Wubium Mine can temporarily be used to power the Dark Magic.

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