"A more powerful spore that not only removes negative status effects but draws power from them."


The Deadly Spore is an Evolved Reborn of Wild Spore that was released in the Resurrection Update. It was first revealed during Berezaa's YouTube stream on August 23rd, 2017.

Unlike its basic counterpart, it is able to manipulate ore twofold if they are inflicted with a negative status by removing the nevative effect and giving a slightly greater multiplier to the ore (regular ore is 5x multiplied as if you were using the Wild Spore, 7x if the ore has a negative effect.)


The Deadly Spore appears similarly to the Wild Spore with the addition of larger and more mushrooms of varying sizes.


  • As of 10/9/17, the Deadly Spore is fixed, with its multiplier finally working.
  • It does not seem do be able to put out the flames on Symmetryte and Symcorpium ores.