"The Diamond Egg is the Easter Bunny's most prized possession. Can upgrade ore multiple times, as long as there is time between upgrades."


The Diamond Egg is an Exotic-tier upgrader that was released on the 2017 Easter Update. Diamond Egg is raised so that it requires a Large Conveyor Ramp, Ore Hoister, or Ore Elevator to get ore onto it. Diamond Egg multiplies ore value by 2.5x up to four times, with a mandatory 3-4 second delay in between ores as it recharges.


  • The Diamond Egg is the fourth of the way-up high exotic upgraders. The first being The Beehive, the second being Gingerbread House, and the third being Winterheart.
  • The Diamond Egg has a tiny upgrader beam on its conveyor that flickers when ores have reached their upgrade limit. Even so, the upgrader has spouts that spray the ore like The Freon Sprayer.
  • The lights at the top (below the bunny ears) changes colors from red to yellow to green after the ores pass through it.
  • This can launch ores into the Big Bertha, along with other fast way-up-high upgraders, like the Alien Relic.