"The Diamond Egg is the Easter Bunny's most prized possession. Can upgrade ore multiple times, as long as there is time between upgrades."


The Diamond Egg is an Exotic tier upgrader that was released on the 2017 Easter Update. Diamond Egg is raised so that it requires a Large Conveyor Ramp, Ore Hoister, or Ore Elevator to get ore onto it. Diamond Egg multiplies orevalue by 2.5x up to four times, with a mandatory 3-4 second delay inbetween ores as it recharges.


  • The Diamond Egg is the fourth of the way-up high exotic upgraders. The first being The Beehive, the second being Gingerbread House, and the third being Winterheart.
  • The Diamond Egg has a tiny upgrader beam on its conveyor that flickers when ores have reached their upgrade limit. Even so, the upgrader has spouts that spray the ore like The Freon Sprayer.
  • The lights at the top (below the bunny ears) changes colors from red to yellow to green after the ores pass through it.
  • This can launch ores into the Big Bertha, along with other fast way-up-high upgraders, like the Alien Relic.

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