"The gorgous diamond falls processes ore at twenty-one times their normal value. It's also great to look at."


The Diamonds Falls is a Contraband-tier item sold by the Masked Man. It was the first of four items sold by him (May 6th-8th, 2016) and the only one that didn't cost Robux.


  • Berezaa chose the name "Diamond Falls" because of little squares that look like Diamonds on the item.
  • The word "gorgous" in the in-game description is a play on words with gorge (A deep, narrow valley with steep rocky sides, often with a stream flowing through it), although some believe it to be a typo.
  • As of 4/15/17, Diamond Falls processes ores at x21 their value instead of the previous x19 (4x less multiplier than Solar Flare at day time).
  • Some players buy it for the pool for decoration, which is bigger than the pool in the Sage Redeemer.
  • This is the second best furnace purchased from merchants, the best being Sweet Tooth.
  • This model has been confirmed to be a furnace in a model called "Rocky Pond" as stated by berezaa.
Two DiamondFalls

The left model is Rocky Pond and to the right is Diamond Falls submission.