"The gorgous diamond falls processes ore at twenty-one times their normal value. It's also great to look at."


The Diamonds Falls is a Contraband-tier item sold by The Masked Man. It was the first of four items sold by him (May 6th-8th, 2016) and the only one that didn't cost Robux. It costs slightly more than the Shrine of Penitence but is more powerful which makes it the best furnace for first life end-game setups.


  • Berezaa chose the name ″Diamond Falls″ because of little squares that look like Diamonds on the item.
  • The word "gorgous" in the in-game description is a play on words with gorge (A deep, narrow valley with steep rocky sides, often with a stream flowing through it), although some believe it to be a typo.
  • As of 4/15/17, Diamond Falls processes ores at x21 their value instead of the previous x19 (4x less multiplier than Solar Flare at day time).
  • Some players buy it for the pool for decoration, which is bigger than the pool in the Sage Redeemer.
  • This is the second best furnace purchased from merchants, the best being Sweet Tooth.
  • This model has been confirmed to be a furnace in a model called "Rocky Pond" as stated by berezaa.