"An old and bulky upgrader with a very slow conveyor. Don't be fooled though, this machine packs a punch." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A VERY large upgrader that uses advanced computer systems to increase the follow of ore by 60% up to $100M. Heads up: the conveyor is really slow." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Digital Ore Cleaner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader. This upgrader is very useful for entering the trillions in Miner's Haven. If you are going to use it, it's recommended that you use Nuclear Conveyors in between them, as its conveyor speed is ridiculously slow.


  • The Reborn item Quantum Ore Cleaner has almost the same design as the Digital Ore Cleaner but is pink and has five beams.
  • This upgrader has the second slowest conveyor speed in the game, faster than the Arcane Lightning when that upgrader isn't charged.
  • In the 100M Visits update, this item got a buff to increase ore value by x2 instead of x1.6