"A soda machine full of yummy Dr Berza soda. Not for human consumption!" (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A soda machine full of yummy Dr Berza soda. Touch it to get one. May cauze seizures." (OLD DECRIPTION)


The Dr Berza Machine is a Mythic-tier soda dispenser that costs $13de. The price may not be worth it for users working on endgame setups and is found in the decoration section.

Dr Berza Drink

The Dr Berza drink is a soda can based on Dr. Pepper that a player can consume. When the player does so, the camera view is randomly moved in different directions and the player can no longer control it. It also dramatically changes the colors the user sees and it shows a bunch of explosions. While this is all playing, the game is playing a Mambo Italiano Remix. Eventually the camera zooms in so close to the player that they cannot see anything. All these effects are active for one minute and the player's body parts blow off and die.


  • Dr Berza originally used to be around 31k in worth during Alpha. This was changed during the alpha stage and became $13T and then became $130qd on an update on the beta stage. Furthermore, The Resurrection Update changed its price to $13Sp, with the update of 4/21/2018 it's price was changed to $13de.
  • The can for the Dr. Berza soda can be found on the Birthday Upgrader, which also has Diet Dr. Berza and a cake.
  • There was said, for a small time, that a diet version of the Dr Berza was out during Alpha. However it has not been added and probably will not be due to it being in War Games.
  • In the 2015 Halloween Event, if you drink the soda and after you wait to die, You respawned with no dark lighting. Unfortunately, the Halloween Event ended making this glitch useless. It was also called the Night Vision Glitch.
  • Other players can only see multiplied body parts, not the explosions or flashing lights.
  • It is a play on "Dr Pepper".
  • It is mostly made of Potassium, which is also in bananas, and Potassium is what makes bananas slightly radioactive, so drinking Potassium is like drinking radioactive liquid. This is science behind Dr Berza.
  • As of 5/13/2017, the Dr Berza Machine does not dispense any Dr Berza if you have R15.
    • As the update of 4/21/2018, the Dr Berza Machine was fixed and gives you the drink now.
  • Occasionally, no colors will be changed and you will be able to see clearly.