"A statue carved out of an unknown material which radiates incredible power. There's big, there's bad, and then there's this."


The Dragon Blaster is a Reborn-tier upgrader which is known for its rarity. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and his website. It multiplies orevalue by a larger amount and has a significantly lower chance of destroying ores than the Big Bad Blaster, but depends on the luck of the user. It is much bigger than the BBB.


  • The Dragon Blaster is a bigger and a dragon version of the Big Bad Blaster.
  • This item was once believed to be the rarest item in Miner's Haven, but in reality, The Fracture has been a little bit rarer from the beginning.
  • On Twitch, Berezaa stated that "Dragon Blaster is Big Bad Blaster on steroids." This statement can be disagreed because it takes almost the same units as 2 Big Bad Blasters and has a smaller multiplier compared to 2 Big Bad Blasters (3.7x compared to 7.02x multiplier).
  • People have seen this item upgrading by x13.6 and x50.6, but these multipliers are caused by Dragon Blaster upgrading more than once.
  • When used with the Newtonium Mine, ores will only jump 1-2 studs in the air instead of being flung long distances.
  • Like the Blind Justice and the Dragonglass Mine, the placement beam has a different texture.
  • This item references its counterpart, Big Bad Blaster, in the description: "There's big and there's bad and then there's this."
  • This item one of the first fusioned items, it is combined with the Dragonglass Mine, which makes Dragonglass Blaster.
  • When an ore explodes, it will not count as a machine tag. This can be observed on the Timeless Enhancement.