"A statue carved out of an unknown material which radiates incredible power. There's big, there's bad, and then there's this."


The Dragon Blaster is a Reborn-tier upgrader which is known for its rarity. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and his website. It multiplies orevalue by a larger amount and has a significantly lower chance of destroying ores than the Big Bad Blaster, but depends on the luck of the user. It is much bigger than the BBB. The Dragon Blaster has more benefits than loss and is a straight upgrade to the BBB/Big Bad Blaster.


  • The Dragon Blaster is a bigger and a dragon version of the Big Bad Blaster.
  • Dragon Blaster is available at any life, but it is one of the rarest Reborn item in Miner's Haven. It was the the rarest reborn until the Dreamer's Anguish and Northern Lights were added.
  • On Twitch, Berezaa stated that "Dragon Blaster is Big Bad Blaster on steroids." This statement can be disagreed because it takes almost the same units as 2 Big Bad Blasters and has a smaller multiplier compared to 2 Big Bad Blasters (3.7x compared to 7.02x multiplier).
  • People have seen this item upgrading by x13.6 and x50.6, but these multipliers are caused by Dragon Blaster upgrading more than once.
  • When used with the Newtonium Mine, ores will only jump 1-2 studs in the air instead of being flung long distances.
  • Like the Blind Justice and the Dragonglass Mine, the placement beam has a different texture.
  • This item references its counterpart, Big Bad Blaster, in the description: "There's big and there's bad and then there's this."
  • This item one of the first fusioned items, it is combined with the Dragonglass Mine, which makes Dragonglass Blaster.
  • When an ore explodes, it will not count as a machine tag. This can be observed on the Timeless Enhancement.

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