"An evil creation, the Dragonglass Blaster draws power from a remote source."


The Dragonglass Blaster is a Reborn Fusion-tier item for Miner's Haven. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter as one of the images. It can only be obtained once a player has performed The Ultimate Sacrifice, at a 5% chance of obtaining when performing Rebirth.

The Dragonglass Blaster upgrades ore with a constant multiplier of 8x, with (roughly) a 20-25% chance to both explode and destroy ore that pass through it while turned on. The more clicks the remote receives, the longer the item is turned on, similarly to the Dragonglass Mine. One click is enough to leave this item turned on for 3 seconds before shutting off, unlike the Dragonglass Mine's delay.

As of 03/31/2017, the explosion radius was significantly decreased, meaning the player must be closer to the explosion to damage them, and other ores will not be flung as much.


The Dragonglass Blaster has the body of the Dragon Blaster but also has an extra pair of smaller wings, crystals taking the place of the dragon's teeth, and a receiver on its back to represent how the item is influenced by the Dragonglass Mine. The Dragonglass Blaster does not spit any fire and the crystals along with its wings are blue when it's deactivated but turn purple and starts spitting fire when it is activate.


  • Berezaa reduced the blast pressure and radius of the explosion during one of his streams, meaning it will explode ores at a lesser distance. Before the explosion reduction, this used to have the most intense explosion out of the blasters.
  • Upon explosions a scream sound similar to the ROBLOX zombie sound effect plays at a moderate volume (nowhere close enough to hurt your ears).
  • This item can push the player across their base in placement mode, as its hitbox is collidable. This also happened to the Morning Star before it was fixed.
  • This item can also push ores.
  • This is on the "Effortless" Achievement, where it shows this on the thumbnail.