"A fancy medieval gate which you can use to block people from entering your base."


The Drawbridge Gate is a medieval-themed gate that was released during the 2017 Summer update. This gate, when the button is pressed, will lower a bridge in which people can walk on and enter through.


  • This is a remake of the Controlled Gate.
  • Open drawbridge can hold ores inside a cell furnace if placed correctly. This is useful for 'Ol Faithful and Symmetrium Mine ores to increase its value without using Ore Gate and Ore Cannon.
  • This can also be used as a portable version of the Ore Gate.
  • This item could be used to block ores from passing through the Neutron Star, making it constantly upgrade the ore big enough to reach it. This was done with a large ore, and a Freon Bombarder.
    • This was patched in the Gargantuan Update since stars can now destroy ores that attempt to be rapidly upgraded by a star item.