"Oh, how delicate the mind of the dreamer is." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)

"The dreamer's nightmare: the perfect creation - the end to creativity. The mind is powerless against its final creation. Subtracts research points at random." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Dreamer's Fright is a Reborn-tier furnace. It can multiply an ore's value anywhere from -5x to 45x. It was the first furnace able to process ore's value at more than 25x.

Dreamer's Fright's leaves falls and act as ores. The initial value of the leaves is anywhere from thousands to millions. Sometimes the size of the leaves can reflect its price.


  • During the Dreamer's Fright's release, Berezaa stated on his Twitter that "the new reborn item is going to anger a lot of people. It has no stats and no information. Kinda like the schrodinger but worse.." and"New RB furnace can be fairly powerful but makes you LOSE research points. Oh boy I love to make things interesting!!!"
  • The leaves cannot un-anchor if the ore limit is full. Although, if you have a Dreamer's Fright placed when you leave, when you come back the leaves wouldn't un-anchor even if you had no ore active.
  • Dreamer's Fright can take away money randomly from users. The most it can take is enough to leave you with $0.1 (10 cents), but this is rather uncommon. One way to avoid this is by removing Dreamer's Fright from your factory while buying an expensive item from the shop.
  • Before the Dark Magic was introduced, this was the best furnace in Miner's Haven.
  • On 11/12/2015, Berezaa made it so that leaves from the Dreamer's Fright could be processed in a furnace, upgraded, and even destroyed by an Ore Pulsar/Quasar.
    • There was a bug (which is now patched) where you were able to duplicate a Dreamer's Fright's leaves and use them to get infinite rebirths because the leaves aren't destroyed when you rebirth, was also used to obtain True Overlord Devices.
  • This is one of the 2 furnaces that take away RP instead of giving, the other being The Black Hole.
  • The leaves don't disappear when on the ground.
  • The similar leaves falling effect item is the Autumn Breeze