"The dreamer is ambitious, and rightfully so. We have worlds to create. Massive upgrades for ore worth over a trllion dollars." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"The endless power of the human mind is one that often can't be explored. This strange furnace processes ore by subtracting $1T from the value of ore then multiplying by 25... if anything is left. Awards 1-20 points per 100 ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Dreamer's Might is a Reborn-tier furnace. It subtracts $1T from an ore's value before processing it, making it useless at early and mid-game. The Dreamer's Might can only be made useful for players that make ore worth more than a few trillion dollars. Many people claim this is one of the worst reborn items to get because it subtracts $1T from the ore value, which may be challenging to get over for some low/mid-life players.

Upon release of the 19th September 2017 Resurrection Update, the multiplier for this furnace was increased to x40 instead of x25.


  • The furnace looks similar to The Dream-Maker, Dreamer's Fright, Kappa Investor, Dreamer's Anguish, and Eternal Journey. All five furnaces have trees on them.
  • Since the furnace subtracts $1T (regardless of value), any ore worth less than $1T is processed at $0 x 40, which makes Dreamer's Might useless.
  • The Sunken Past has a similar effect to Dreamer's Might where it subtracts orevalue, but it subtracts much less money from orevalue ($10B instead of $1T) and multiplies the remaining ore value by more (50x the value instead of x40) making it better than this furnace in terms of the multiplier.
  • Some use this in a reborn setup if they don't have a Dark Magic or a stronger furnace.
  • The Black Hole has the same multiplier to Dreamer's Might but doesn't subtract any of the ore's value.
  • When the game first came out, this was one of the most powerful furnaces.
  • Like Nature's Enchantment and Kappa Investor, the tree's leaves are purple instead of any other color.