"The Dystopian Refiner is harsh and crude, only upgrading ores by how much they "deserve."


The Dystopian Refiner is a Slipstream-tier item for Miner's Haven which came out in the 8th of March 2017. It was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter and is the counterpart of Utopian Refiner. It upgrades ores differently based on how heavily the ore is upgraded and the effects on the ore.


Note: To be heavily upgraded, an ore must have at least 20 upgrades.

  • x3 if there are no effects
  • x6 if the ore has flames or was heavily upgraded
  • x7 if the ore has sparkles
  • x9 if the ore has flames and was heavily upgraded
  • x10 if the ore has both sparkles and flames or both sparkles and heavy upgrades
  • x13 if the ore has sparkles, has flames, and was heavily upgraded
  • If the ore was worth $2 before going through the upgrader, the upgrader will add +$100 after the normal upgrade above.
  • Bonus multiplier that increases as more ores are upgraded (up to x4 with 6,000 ores)


  • Like the Utopian Refiner, the stripes change color depending on your factory color, which you receive upon joining the game.
  • This upgrader is similar to Frozen Justice in which both items have different multipliers depending on the effects the ore has.

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