"Aww, what a cute little easter bunny. I'm sure he would never hurt anyone..."


The Easter Bunny is an Exotic-tier Easter re-skin of the Undead Guardian which the appearance looks just like what the name says. The base of it also sports some colorful eggs around it. It has a related description to the Adowable Guardian, but also functions similarly to it as well.


  • The symbol on the plate where it spawns, is the same symbol used by the Adowable Guardian, with the only difference is the color tone used.
    • The Zombie Clown sports an almost identical symbol save for two additional lines underneath the symbol.
  • Berezaa made a reference with the Easter Bunny to the Killer Bunny in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as both bunnies go after humans.
  • This is so far the second smallest Exotic-tier item that has ever been added to Miner's Haven. The smallest was the Tree-Shaped Gift on Christmas 2016, at 1x1 units, which was then revealed to be a Gingerbread House.
  • When transferring the scripts from Zombie Clown into the Easter Bunny, Berezaa made a mistake and instead of bringing in another Bunny to start again, he reskinned the Zombie Clown instead. That is why the pad and symbol are the exact same on both. And despite that, the Easter Bunny still uses the thumbnail for the original submission.

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