"Turns processed ore into shiny eggs that give a massive amount of money when picked up"


The Easter Shrine is an Exotic-tier easter-themed furnace with a unique property of giving the player cash in the form of spawning eggs on their base.

The Easter Shrine will drop an egg every 20 ores processed. The value of the egg is equal to the sum of the values of the ores processed since the last egg drop, multiplied by 125. This applies to all uncollected eggs, allowing for a crazy multiplier if you have a lot of uncollected eggs.


  • If you withdraw the item while there are still uncollected eggs on the ground, you will no longer be able to collect them.
  • If you use an Ore Pulsar or Ore Quasar while there are uncollected eggs, they are destroyed like any other ore.
  • This furnace can have the highest multiplier out of any normal furnace, outclassing even Excalibur and Northern Lights.
  • If there are a bunch of eggs around the player's base (for example: 30) and an ore enters the furnace while there are eggs (the ore's value is $1tsTG) then when the player collects the eggs, they'll get a multiplied version of that ore for every single egg. (30 eggs x |Random multiplier of 1 to 1000 | x 1tsTG = $15tsTG to $15qtTG)

An egg spawned when 20 ores are collected.

Collectegg 2

Various eggs and their colours