"A special egg-shaped upgrader given to you by the Easter Bunny during the 2017 Easter Event!"


The Eggcelent Upgrader is an egg-themed upgrader released in the Easter Event starting on 4/15/2017.

Players can obtain it by finding five of the Easter Bunny's missing eggs hidden around the map.

The Eggcelent Upgrader multiplies ores with a value under $1M by x3 until they have reached $1M value, there is a one time x2 upgrade after hitting $1M value. This means it can be used by all players no matter what stage they are at in the game.


  • On the stream, Berezaa was typing out the stats on his blog. A portion of people reacted negatively to the stats.
  • The Eggcelent Upgrader is obtainable by an exclusive quest, making it the third item to be acquired that way.
    • The first was the Pumpkin Hero, obtainable during the 2016 Halloween Event by defeating 100 evil pumpkins.
    • The second was the Candy Bag, obtainable by smashing a Mega Pumpkin.
  • This upgrader is the first of its kind, being a half-conveyor upgrader.

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