"A high-up furnace which processes ore at an impressive five times their value, as long as you can get the ore into it."


The Elevated Furnace is a Rare-tier shop item that was released in the Summer Update of 2017. Ores have to reach the height of the Elevated Furnace with either Ore Elevator or Large Conveyor Ramp but multiple the ore by 5x. The furnace has three beams on its side so it can be seen as a furnace with three side acceptance unless you think you can get ores pass those beams.

This furnace is good if you're in the late billions but once you reach the billions, it would be more convenient to use Heavenly Forge. It's also good if you're worried about having your ore missed when trying to launch them into the Elevated Furnace.


  • This is the first furnace to be at the Raised-ier elevation.