"A strong upgrader which accepts raised conveyors from the sides. Prefers already well-upgraded ore."


The Endpoint Refiner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader that has a minimum upgrade value of 60% (1.6x multiplier), which increases if the ore was previously upgraded. The more the ore is upgraded, the larger the multiplier from this item. It can only be used with a Large Conveyor RampRaised-ier Conveyors, or an Ore Hoister from the side. The ore has to be upgraded at least 20 times in order for them to work with the Endpoint Refiner.

Ores larger than 1x1x1, such as the Remote Osmium Mine, get stuck when used with a Large Conveyor Ramp. This is one of the many items that were moved to research crates in Innovation: Black Panther.