"Nothing heralds the coming of Spring quite like fireflies and home-made ore soup. Cook the best soup for potentially huge amounts of money. 2017 March Exotic"


The Equinox is an Exotic-tier item that was released during the Ultimate Sacrifice update, alongside with the comeback of The Beehive

The Equinox multiplies every ore that enters by 70x until there are 7 ores. The 5th, 6th, and 7th ores are processed. When the 7th ore is processed, all the ores that have been turned dark disappear, ready for the next batch. According to the stats, the max multiplier of the Equinox is x490, assuming your 7th ore is the ore you intend to process.

Ores that have previously been upgraded, no matter how many times, can also be processed, making this item a potentially powerful cell furnace to use in end-game setups.

The only real drawback of this item is the size of ore you use, and your ore limit.

Prior to the Easter update on 04/15/2017, the Equinox previously multiplied all ores by x10, started processing beyond the 6th ore and ores did not disappear. This did mean a max multiplier of x2500 was possible assuming a player has maxed out their ore limit.

Prior to the 100M visits event, the Equinox had a consecutive multiplier of x35 instead of x70.


  • The Equinox can experience a glitch, making up to 10 ores the faded black color rather than only 6 using rapid fire mines (like the Spitfire Iron Mine)
  • In placement mode, this item has a placement beam with the Corroded Metal material instead of the usual smooth plastic.
  • The Equinox's ability to add up all the values of ore and process them accordingly is similar to that of the Excalibur. The most prominent difference is that the Excalibur has a 14-second time limit on the ores it processes, while the Equinox has an ore-based limit.
  • A good way of using the Equinox is to use few very high valued ore, then use a Yuge Iron Mine (or another mine with small ore size). The values will be added up, and the Yuge Iron Mine's ores will act as a duplication of the high valued ores.
  • The Equinox is the second Raised furnace. The first is Raised Furnace and the third being the Pot of Gold.
  • The Equinox was still obtainable from boxes on the Easter Update.
  • This is one of the few furnaces that make a different sound when ores are being processed.