"Send your ore on the final journey and hope for its return. Only one ore can be sent at a time."


The Eternal Journey is a Reborn-tier furnace. It was added on April 21st, 2016. This item was first unveiled in Berezaa's Dev stream, the same day it was added to Miner's Haven. Eternal Journey was the first Reborn-tier item to be exclusively available to those over life 100.

Although this furnace can process ores at 100x its value, it has a major disadvantage; the ore that enters the furnace turns black and sits for around 1–15 seconds, and the furnace also turns black (an indication that the ore is being processed). Any ore that enters the furnace while it's black will be destroyed instead of processed. However, they still count towards getting Research Points.

This furnace is recommended for processing ONE very valuable ore, so it would be smart to use a mine like Hades' Fang on a Reversible Conveyor directly before the furnace.


  • Eternal Journey shares a similar tree design with Dreamer's Might, Dreamer's Fright, Dreamer's Anguish, and Kappa Investor.
  • To prevent ores from being destroyed by Eternal Journey, use multiple Reversible Conveyors to control ore coming into the furnace. You should use multiple as more than one can go through.
  • It's not recommended to use items that add tag effects (fire, radioactivity, poison, etc.) right before this furnace because they will be destroyed while sitting in the furnace.
  • The furnace gives 7 RP every 10 ores (processed or not). This makes it more powerful at giving points than the Spooky Research Center (gives 10 points per 30 ores). This furnace would give 21 points per 30 ore but Thingamajig is a more powerful research center as it gives more RP per ore than Eternal Journey.
  • This is one of two furnaces that don't process ores while one is being processed.
  • When the Aether Refiner was released, it trumped the Eternal Journey due to its earlier life requirement and the ability to preserve extra ores, despite the Aether only having a x90 multiplier. However, the Aether's wall it puts up will stall and end up getting some ores with status effects destroyed.
  • The Aether Refiner and Eternal Journey are quite similar. Aether accepts short bursts of built up ore that are blocked by a wall that spawns after processing ores, and Eternal Journey accepts one ore and takes time processing. Both furnaces have high multipliers as well.
  • It used to be the 3rd strongest Reborn-tier furnace, but on the Resurrection Update, it was knocked down to 6th with the introduction of the Timeless Enhancement, Guardian of the Gate and the Precursor Furnace.
  • The creator, OutOfOrderFoxy, made this item out of boredom.