"The power of pure superiority grants a significant jump boost; 30+ MaxHealth and +5 speed. Obliterate nearby enemies on death."


The Executive Infuser is a Collectible-tier infuser was first revealed by Berezaa on his Twitter page on December 22nd, 2015. This infuser is given to only users who buy or already own the Executive Pass for Miner's Haven, along with the Executive Pillars. It gives 50+ health, 15+ walk speed, and 20+ jump height. In addition, being killed while being infused will kill everyone near the death, much like the Explosive Infuser, except with a much larger radius. Likewise, the damage will be reduced by the Righteous Will, but will not guarantee immunity. The explosion still occurs, but doesn't damage any players, as the explosion will only fling players or ore around.


  • A possible remaster of the item was created by OutOfOrderFoxy.
  • It is possible for players to have two of this item if they got executive before the 2015 Winter Update and entered the code and one for when the Executive Pillars released which gives you a 2nd one.
  • If you remove the infuser from your base while infused with it, the explosion doesn't seem to occur.
  • On April 3, the Layout Patch buffed the infuser, adding 35+ more health, 10+ walk speed, and 20+ jump height.
  • This is the best infuser in terms of health.
  • The Executive Infuser ties in first place with the Righteous Will in terms of speed.