"An upgrader made just for Executive Miners. Greatly upgrades one ore every 5 seconds."


The Executive Pillars is a Vintage-tier item that is for Executive members only. Executive Pillars increases orevalue by 5x every 4 seconds. Executive Pillars was added on April 21st, 2016 and it was first revealed on Berezaa's twitter. He did a Dev stream on the date before working on it. Executive Pillars is the second executive exclusive item after Executive Infuser.


  • The conveyor is slightly lower than normal conveyors, meaning you can't use the 'quick turn' strategy, as the ore will clog at the end of the conveyor. Instead, you must use a Conveyor Ramp.
  • Some of the parts in this creation got renamed by Berezaa and are called 'KeepThisRed', as Berezaa liked it Really Red, even though (andr315j) called them Recolor (color after team).
  • This is the fourth item bought directly with Robux in Miner's Haven, along with the Ore Encapsulator, Pineapple Refiner, and Sword Master's Spirit.
  • Before the patch, 2.1.6., the conveyor for the upgrader was lower than the usual conveyors. The player must push ores up by stepping on them, which can prove ineffective. This has since been fixed.
  • In the Layout Update Patch, the Executive Pillars now give a solid 5 times the ore value every 4 seconds.