The Explosive Infuser has been discontinued on March 31st and has been replaced by the Cursed Infuser as seen in the uC shop. The following is info on the item before the Xbox Update so users can look back at it.

"Infuses you with 2+ speed and causes you to explode when you die. Any kills by your explosion counts towards you. You can only be infused once per life."


The Explosive Infuser was an Advanced-tier infuser with an explosive effect. This used to be the most powerful infuser until Berezaa released a new line of infusers including the Righteous Will, Executive Infuser, & Lucky Infuser.


  • This infuser received criticism due to it creating the 'Suicide Bomber' trend where players used its explosive effect to kill players and steal research points.
  • It was supposedly nerfed as mentioned on berezaa's Twitter, However, It was not actually nerfed, leading to a public outrage.
  • This infuser was removed on March 31st, 2016, as with several other infusers.