"A colorful holiday conveyor to help you move your ore around faster. 2016 Holiday Collectible."


The Festive Conveyor is a Collectible-tier conveyor. It holds the stat of having a very slightly slower speed than the Nuclear Conveyor, but has a hitbox the same size as a Basic Conveyor, allowing droppers to drop ore directly on this conveyor and is reborn proof making it a really good replacement. The Festive Conveyor has walls as tall as Ancient Conveyor but red and has snow on its side with presents. Using the code AMerryXmas will reward you with 10 of these. Otherwise, you can buy them for 10uC each or unbox them.


  • This conveyor holds the status for the 4th fastest conveyor in the game; the 3rd being the Nuclear Conveyor, the 2nd being the Storage Conveyor, and the 1st being the Heavenly Conveyor.
  • If this conveyor is used with a Conveyor Ramp and the Morning Star, the ores won't touch the upgrader.
  • When the item was implemented into Miner's Haven (Santa's Haven), it had no thumbnail (picture) when you opened your inventory.