"A festive upgrader to celebrate the best season of 2016. Doesn't count as an upgrade. New Year Exotic."


The Festive Spirit is an upgrader that doubles an ore's value, but the upgrade is not counted as an upgrade. This allows the ore to be processed by a cell furnace after the upgrade, similar to the Wild Spore or Alien Relic. This was obtained from the Chilly Frozen Gift.

Many users argue this upgrader is a disappointment like the Santa's Sleigh as it's difficult to obtain but does not have a good enough effect. Berezaa argues that it's a good upgrader because collecting more and more upgraders like this have a big impact.


  • Thr Festive Spirit is one of the few upgraders that isn't counted as an upgrade; thus can be used with cell furnaces. Other examples include the Alien Relic, Clover Shrine, and the Ore Negator.
  • This item was built in December by Gryves_Amaro, originally published on Berezaa Games - Community Forum [1] and released officially into the game on the date of 1/1/2017.
  • After the gifts were unboxed, the Festive Spirit and the Winterheart could be obtained from boxes for a couple of days.
  • The Festive Spirit's effect is similar to that of the Clover Shrine.

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