"A festive upgrader to celebrate the best season of 2016. Doesn't count as an upgrade. New Year Exotic."


The Festive Spirit is an Exotic-Tier upgrader that doubles an ore's value, but the upgrade is not counted as an upgrade. This allows the ore to be processed by a cell furnace after the upgrade, similar to the Wild Spore or Alien Relic. This was obtained from the Chilly Frozen Gift.

Many users argue this upgrader is a disappointment like the Santa's Sleigh as it's difficult to obtain but does not have a good enough effect. Berezaa argues that it's a good upgrader because collecting more and more upgraders like this have a big impact.


  • The Festive Spirit is one of the few upgraders that isn't counted as an upgrade; thus can be used with cell furnaces. Other examples include the Alien Relic, Clover Shrine, and the Ore Negator.
  • This item was built in December by Gryves_Amaro, originally published on Berezaa Games - Community Forum [1] and released officially into the game on the date of 1/1/2017.
  • After the gifts were unboxed, the Festive Spirit and the Winterheart could be obtained from boxes for a couple of days.
  • The Festive Spirit's effect is similar to that of the Clover Shrine.