The Fidget Spinner Patch was a patch released to Miner's Haven on June 7th 2017, Berezaa said it was an update to fix an undisclosed exploit. This patch also included the following:

New Items

  • Spinnerite Mine: A joke item which had $10 ore value and fidget spinner shaped ores which was obtained with Daily Gifts. (You can now only get this by buying it with uC or by opening boxes, and its value is now 500$).
  • Fidget Spinner Tool: A tool used to throw a Fidget Spinner onto the floor. Spins for a long time unless you decide to click again, picking it up.

Bug Fixes

  • Hitboxes are finally fixed. Hitboxes will sometimes still appear blue, but you cannot place down the item.
  • Item duplication bug fixed.
Starting with the Skipped Life Update, Berezaa began releasing patch notes for his updates, from now on, update pages will link to those patch notes and additional notes and comments will be written on the pages. This means we will no longer copy and paste notes from In the case where patch notes get deleted from, TWEM will keep backups.