"A tiny upgrader that only covers part of the conveyor. Any ore that passes through gets a big upgrade." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A tiny upgrader machine that only covers a third of the conveyor's surface. Any blocks that do pass through are upgraded by $4." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Fine-Point Upgrader is a Common-tier upgrader that adds $10 to an ore's value. It's the first upgrader you can purchase. The upgrader only covers a small part of the conveyor (around 1/3), making it somewhat difficult to upgrade ores with this.


  • Both the Freon-Blast Upgrader and Clockwork function similarly to this upgrader, albeit they are both much more powerful.
  • Before the 100M Visits update, this upgrader used to add $4.
  • This is the 1st Fine-Point upgrader (and the 1st upgrader) that a player can obtain.
  • The old description referred the ores to as "blocks".
  • As of The Ultimate Update, the Fine-Point Upgrader comes with a Basic Iron Mine, a Basic Furnace, an Update Board, and a few Basic Conveyors in the pre-made setup. However, Fine-Point Upgraders won't reappear when you rebirth.