"The once mythical firecrystal takes up so much energy to mine that this machine needs to shoot out exhaust flames."


The Firecrystal Mine is a legendary tier dropper that is the first one that costs more than original rebirth (25 Qn). Its ore functions are similar to the Basic Iron Mine, so the ore becomes shinier when it's upgraded more times.


  • This dropper trumps the Massive Diamond Mine, as it has a higher drop-rate, smaller mine size, smaller ore size, however the ore value slightly lower but this is made up for.
  • Its industrial counterpart, the Industrial Firecrystal Mine, is much more powerful, has a much higher drop-rate and ore value, and can be obtained through rebirth.
  • All ores dropped by this mine are red, whereas ores from the Industrial Firecrystal Mine fluctuate between red and white.

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