"Quintiples the value of scanned ore. Doesn't affect ore scanned by any other scanner machine. Sets ores on fire (destroyed in 4 seconds if not put out or processed)"


The Flaming Ore Scanner is an Epic-tier upgrader. It is the third and last scanner available in the shop. It's the strongest scanner available in the shop, but it's slightly beaten by the Twitch Scanner being the most powerful (the other scanners include the Ore Scanner and Advanced Ore Scanner), with the catch that it destroys upgraded ores after 4 seconds unless they reach a furnace. A Freon Suppressor, Freon Sprayer, Wild Spore, Tesla Resetter, The Ultimate Sacrifice (if upgrader part is white), Azure Spore, or Freon-Blast Upgrader will remove the fire effect that is placed upon it. The Flaming Ore Scanner is common in end-game setups near the furnace due to it being very powerful, and the fact that it will be destroyed after 4 seconds.


  • This used to be Mythic Tier, until it was changed down to Epic in the GUI update.
  • There's a spelling mistake in the description, spelling "Quintiples" instead of "Quintuples".
  • On 3/11/2017, Berezaa released a code called ferocious that gave 1 Flaming Ore Scanner.
  • This is the first shop item that was given in a code.
  • This item is very helpful for starting players, as they can redeem the code to receive it and get quadrillions quickly.
    • This is also often used in endgame setups as well.

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