"What's more uncertain than a Schrodinger? One that's on fire!!!?!?!?!?!?!!"


The Flaming Schrodinger is the Reborn-tier successor of the infamous Schrodinger Evaluator.

The Flaming Schrodingers have a fire on each of the blue tubes on the side and the sides also have a rust texture. Known effects of the Flaming Schrodinger's effects on ores are:  

  • Disappearance of ore (25%)  
  • Explosion (5%)  
  • x2 upgrade (5%)  
  • x2.6 upgrade (45%)  
  • x4 upgrade (5%)  
  • x6 upgrade (with red sparkles) (5%)  
  • Set ores to -$100 (5%)  
  • Adds 100B to orevalue (5%)  


  • The Flaming Schrodinger gives ores red sparkles instead of blue. These still count as "sparkles", so sparkling ore will still receive the same benefits from Northern Lights as they would with blue sparkles.
  • Schrodinger sparkles can stack, meaning ores can be completely shrouded in sparkles if upgraded enough.
  • The Flaming Schrodinger is one of 8 items in Miner's Haven that can add sparkles to ore, with the other 7 being Schrodinger Evaluator, Gate of Eclipse, Aether Schrodinger, Frozen Eclipse, Final Eclipse Gate, Super Schrodinger and The Dreamcatcher (if charged)
  • This is commonly used with Big Bad Blasters placed beside it, as paired with its high conveyor speed, can move ores fast enough to process/put out before they are destroyed.
  • Despite being a fire variant of the Schrodinger, it does not set ores on fire.
  • This is the first red sparkle-adding upgrader with the second being the Aether Schrodinger.
  • On the Resurrection Update, the minimum life required for this item changed from 5+ to 10+.